Departmental rounds and conferences make up the core of the didactics curriculum for the residents.

Protected Didactic Education Time

Grand Rounds: Thursdays, 7AM-8AM

  • Visiting professor, M&M, Division-led grand rounds, QA
  • Resident well-being (once per month)


Cases of interest from the various clinical divisions are presented and discussed by faculty and residents. For the morbidity/mortality and quality assurance conference, departmental QA data or cases are presented by residents and faculty. Our lecturers are visiting professors or institutional nationally recognized experts who lecture on topics of interest. The visiting professors often spend the rest of the day in the department interacting with the faculty and residents.

Core Curriculum Conferences: 4pm-5pm

  • Mondays: Clinical Base Year
  • Tuesdays: CA-2
  • Wednesdays: CA-1 
  • Thursdays: CA-3


Beginning in September and for the remainder of the academic year, each resident class is relieved from their clinical duties once a week to attend core-curriculum conferences. The topic of their conference is taken from the ABA content outline and may follow one of several formats. For example, problem-based learning discussions are small-group case-based, problem-oriented, resident-centered discussions in an informal, collegial, and supportive learning environment that lends itself to the interchange of ideas. The case scenarios are distributed in advance of the session, allowing the resident to embark on an individual study program to identify and solve the problems posed in the case before the group discussion. These sessions are moderated/facilitated by faculty members. Curriculum lectures are formal presentations by a faculty member on basic and major topics in our field and may take on a flipped classroom format so that the conference becomes an interactive session to discuss the scenarios or participate in simulation exercises related to the topic. The objective of the academic afternoons is to completely cover the entire curriculum over a three-year cycle.

Non-Protected Education Time

General Adult Anesthesia: M/T/W/F 6:55am-7:10am

  • Key words, content outline topics, and interesting cases organized by Dr. Jonathan Hastie

Chief Resident Rounds: Fridays 12pm-1pm

  • Presentations by residents with faculty mentorship, organized by Chief Residents

Anesthesia Critical Care Grand Rounds: Thursdays 3pm-4pm

CA-1 Orientation Conferences: July, 4:00pm-5:00pm

Faculty members formally introduce the new CA-1 residents to the practice of anesthesiology by presenting basic topics, including basic pharmacology and physiology, evaluation and management of the airway, and setting up and troubleshooting the anesthesia machine.

Journal Club

Journal clubs are usually held during subspecialty rotations to discuss article(s) with a common theme. The articles are distributed to the residents before the session. A visiting professor or a member of the faculty is specifically invited for the session to lead these sessions. These include the cardiac case conference, critical care lecture series, critical care grand rounds, joint pediatric anesthesia/pediatric critical care conference, multidisciplinary pediatric pain conference, neuroanesthesia morning report, pain medicine conference, obstetrical anesthesia case conference, pediatric anesthesia case conference and journal club, and pediatric anesthesia subspecialty conference and journal club in cardiac, solid-organ transplantation, trauma, and pain management.