Medical Students

Medical students are a critical component of our teaching mission. We are involved with teaching in the medical school throughout all four years of the curriculum and offer both required and elective courses. Students serve an important function for our residents and faculty: Residents and attendings need to constantly develop and improve their teaching skills, and students provide “feedback” to all of us. In our wonderful profession of medicine, it is the responsibility of all of us to mentor and teach and so “replicate ourselves” for the next generation. Through one-on-one teaching in the operating rooms to small-group teaching on rotation, students offer themselves as eager learners and astute evaluators of our teaching program.

Various members of the department participate in teaching throughout the four years and in all areas of the curriculum (in the anatomy course, for example, we offer “in vivo” ultrasound teaching demonstrations to correlate with cadaver anatomy instruction). This runs the gamut from isolated lectures to serving as advisers to students interested in careers in anesthesiology. Additionally, research is constantly going on in the department, and students have the opportunity to work with an investigator over the summer or throughout the school years, as time permits. Much of the work is done in conjunction with basic science departments, allowing students to see and participate in both bench and clinical research.