As part of the Columbia University Medical Center College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Department of Anesthesiology takes pride in educating some of the best and brightest minds in our field. Medical students are a critical component of our teaching mission. Our department focuses on a variety of disciplines including general surgical and transplant anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, pediatric anesthesia, pain medicine, and much more. Our faculty, staff, and students are dedicated to expanding on our global outreach and innovation that benefits all of humankind.

Education News

October 20, 2021: Dr. Jennifer Danielsson is Inaugural Ombuds for Education Division

September 9, 2021: Dr. Vivek Moitra elected to ABA Board of Directors

September 8, 2021: DEI Task Force participates in antiracism workshop

August 18, 2021: Dr. Saundra Curry and ASA Ethics Committee publish "Professionalism in Anesthesiology: Honesty and the Informed Consent Process"

August 18, 2021: CUMC Anesthesiology meets students from CUNY Pipeline Program

August 17, 2021: Dr. Allison Lee is featured physician educator in the Society for Education in Anesthesia news

July 30, 2021: Dr. Gebhard Wagener appointed Vice Chair for Student and Trainee Clinical Research

July 29, 2021: Dr. Brian A. Chang, CA-2, Publishes Viewpoint in ASA Monitor

June 14, 2021: Maya Jalbout Hastie, MD, EdD appointed Vice Chair for Education

March 26, 2021: Education Division Announces New Resident Class