Dr. Moitra records leadership podcast

October 29, 2020

Dr. Vivek K. Moitra recently recorded an episode of the Next Wave Leadership podcast. The episode is titled “Leadership Opportunities in Healthcare in a Time of Covid.”

Dr. Moitra discusses servant leadership, a philosophy that encourages team leaders to create psychological safety in the workplace so that “everyone is comfortable being themselves.” The servant leader is vulnerable, solicits and shares candid feedback, and holds transparency and trust as guiding principles. The result is a positive, solutions-oriented team that ultimately benefits patient care. After the pandemic loosens its grip on the healthcare system, Dr. Moitra says, the servant leadership model could open new directions for clinical care and for medicine in general.

In the podcast, he also reveals how earning his master’s degree in healthcare administration “opened his eyes to the new language” of organizational psychology, and what it was like to be on paternity leave as his team forged ahead on the frontlines of the pandemic surge. Listen here.