Dr. Charles Emala

Henrik H. Bendixen Professor of Anesthesiology and Vice Chair of Research

Research Description

Our main area of research interest is in the understanding of interactions between signal transduction pathways in airway nerves and smooth muscle and how these interactions contribute to diseases such as asthma. Interaction of anesthetic agents with muscarinic and GABA receptors on airway nerves and smooth muscle is a particular focus of these studies. A broader understanding of the non-neuronal expression and function of GABAA receptors in smooth muscle and immune cells is a central focus. The laboratory uses whole animal airway physiology studies, isolated contractile studies of airway and vascular smooth muscle and biochemical and molecular biological techniques in elucidating the expression and function of signaling molecules.

For more information please contact Dr. Emala at cwe5@cumc.columbia.edu.


  • Yi Zhang, MD

  • Dingbang Xu, PhD

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