Dr. Guohua Li

M. Finster Professor of Anesthesiology and Professor of Epidemiology; Vice Chair of Population Science

Research Description

Dr. Li has published extensively on the role of alcohol and other drugs in injury causation and trauma outcomes. He is credited with the development of the decomposition equation linking exposure prevalence, incidence density and case fatality to injury mortality, the FIA Score (a simple and reliable index for predicting pilot and occupant fatality in aviation crashes), and the multiphase approach to estimating cohort effects in age-period contingency table data. Currently, Dr. Li is working on projects aimed at understanding and controlling the epidemic of drug overdose and drugged driving, and uncovering the dynamics of injury risk and injury-disease interaction during the process of aging. The center for health policy and outcomes in anesthesia and critical care focuses on substantive areas related to the safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of perioperative care and critical care, including the development of practical tools for measuring risks and clinical outcomes, identification of and intervention on risk factors for adverse outcomes, and examination of the health effects of volatile anesthetics in vulnerable population groups (e.g., children, elderly, and patients with specific comorbidities.

For more information, please contact Dr. Li at gl2240@cumc.columbia.edu.


  • Guohua Li, MD, DrPH


    Dr. Li is an expert in injury epidemiology and clinical epidemiology. His research encompasses innovative epidemiologic designs, novel statistical methods, and complex data systems to address questions of public health importance and clinical relevance pertaining to the causes and prevention of injuries and adverse perioperative outcomes. Dr. Li is the founding Director of the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention and the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes Research in Anesthesia and Critical Care, and the founding Editor-in-Chief of Injury Epidemiology.  He teaches two accredited courses at the Mailman School of Public Health, Injury Epidemiology (P8448) and Clinical Epidemiology (P8450). He is a Guggenheim Fellow and a recipient of the Kenneth Rothman Epidemiology Prize, the John Paul Stapp Award from the Aerospace Medical Association, and the Excellence in Science Award from the American Public Health Association’s Injury Control and Emergency Health Service Section.  

  • Jean Guglielminotti, MD, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at CUMC

    Dr. Guglielminotti is an obstetric anesthesiologist who graduated from Paris University (France) in 1998. He obtained a PhD in clinical epidemiology at Paris University in 2013, followed by an 18-month postdoctoral research fellowship in the Department of Anesthesiology at Columbia University Medical center in 2014–2015. During his fellowship, he was mentored by Dr. Guohua Li. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor in January 2017 in this Department. He has a full-time translational research position involving Anesthesiology, Biostatistics, Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health. His research focuses on the quality and safety of anesthetic care, especially in obstetrics, and maternal morbidity based on administrative data. It includes development of patient safety and quality indicators, monitoring anesthesia quality and safety, and identification of risk factors for adverse safety events.

  • Stanford Chihuri, MPH

    Statistical Programmer

    Stan received graduate training in epidemiology and biostatistics from Columbia University Mailman of Public Health and has work experience in data management, statistical analysis and manuscript preparation at Columbia University Medical Center. Stan has worked as the biostatistician/data analyst for Dr. Li and colleagues on a variety of research and training projects. He is skilled in performing statistical analysis such as hierarchical modeling using complex data systems and multiply imputed datasets in statistical software such as SAS, R, SPSS etc. He is also responsible for creating and managing datasets for ongoing projects and assisting other investigators with manuscripts and reports.  Stan also directs and coordinates the injury epidemiology lab at the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention.

  • Victor Puac-Polanco, MD, MSCE

    Doctoral Student

    Victor is a doctoral student in the department of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. He received his medical degree from San Carlos University in Guatemala and his master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He has conducted research on the development of mental health illnesses as a consequence of exposure to violence during and after the civil war in Guatemala. He has an active interest in traffic safety research, specifically whether there is an increased mortality risk for certain birth cohorts.

  • Barbara Lang, MPH

    Research Administrative Director

    Barbara is a sponsored research administrator with over 10 years experience in managing laboratory, epidemiological, and clinical projects. She received her Master of Public Health degree in health administration in 2013 from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and has been working with Dr. Li for nearly ten years. Barbara manages the Center’s daily operation, coordinates the Center’s internal and external communications, ensures compliance with government and university policies, and assists Dr. Li in monitoring and improving the Center’s overall performance and productivity.

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