Resident & Fellow Opportunities

Many of the organizations we work with offer opportunities for residents and fellows to volunteer their time and expertise under the supervision of seasoned, board-certified anesthesiologists.

The Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) in partnership with Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) sponsors a competitive fellowship program to send senior residents to HVO pre-approved sites in developing countries to teach anesthesia to trainees. Some of the pre-approved sites are in Ghana, Malawi, and Vietnam. Since this experience can be considered a clinical rotation outside of the primary program, pre-approval from the American Board of Anesthesiology Credentials Committee must be obtained before credit can be given. There are approximately 8–9 fellowships available.

Interested residents apply for this fellowship in their CA-2 year and if awarded a fellowship, will go to the site in their CA-3 year. Travel arrangements are handled by HVO.

HVO volunteer programs are also available to senior residents who wish to teach anesthesia to trainees in developing countries. The same HVO pre-approved sites are used for this program as well as the SEA-HVO program. This experience can also be considered a clinical rotation outside of the primary program so pre-approval must also be obtained. The same restrictions that apply to the SEA-HVO program apply to this program.

Fogarty Global Health Fellowship: Preparation for career in health research, especially in low and middle income countries; for residents, fellows, and attendings. Recent awardee: Meghan Prin, MD.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach (ASA/GHO):  Residents, fellows and faculty have many exciting and fulfilling opportunities to participate, teach and volunteer in low and low-middle income countries:

Smile Train focuses on reconstructive plastic repair of congenital and acquired deformities in children, e.g., cleft lips and palates, burns, and congenital deformities. PGY-4 residents and pediatric anesthesia fellows may donate their time along with a board-certified anesthesiologist to join the mission team.

Hands Help, Inc. was founded to provide hand surgery to individuals who are otherwise unable to be helped. PGY-4 residents, pediatric anesthesia fellows, and regional anesthesia fellows may donate their time along with a board-certified anesthesiologist to join these missions.